Monday, December 1, 2008

Where To Begin? Alida's Thanksgiving 2008

Alphabetically is as good as anything I guess:

You really wanted to run out into the street during potty break number one on our way to St. Louis. That was fun girl. You were finally convinced that the leaves were pretty okay.

It took no time for you to find the girl toys to play with at the Stowe's. Although chasing the cat at a cautious and smiling distance was one of your favorite activities.

You got car sick twice on the way up. I don't blame you for crying. Dramamine kept you good for the rest of the trip.

You let Aunt Lori help you at the playground, which was good because holding on to the bouncing toys isn't your strong point yet.

You were quite impressed with your own tongue.

You bonded with grandma over football. And with a couple Texans, a couple Kansans, and a couple Nebraskans in the house it is amazing that we all had successful teams over the weekend.

You really wouldn't put your tongue away.

It wasn't all happiness by any measure, but that's what I feel like doing when my pictures show up here upside down. It's natural to throw a tantrum now and again.

It was happiness too, particularly when you were allowed to run around free.

Aunt Lori also taught you to be a ham for the camera along the way.

And you tried to steal Henry's shoes.

Really girl with the tongue. But how can you resist when the Dukes mom sent up packing with homemade lunches that we were a little too distracted to eat while we were at their house.

You are a handful girl. And we love it. We love your energy.
Naturally, you were our worst sleeper, but two nights out of six isn't all bad.


Gracie's Spot said...

Alida, I'm so glad Aunt Lori taught you how to be a ham. Your spirit is truly mesmerizing to watch. We're glad you are home safe and sound, and that you let Mom and Dad sleep two nights out of six.

The Dukes said...

You have to be careful bringing sweetness like this around the mom of two boys. She's liable to be held captive if she enters this house again. I think she wants to be awake so many hours a day to spread her love and cuteness just a little further each day. Yeah, that's it.

granny e said...

Alida, who wants to sleep when there are new worlds to explore! I just think you are afraid you'll miss something:)

We're all glad that we got to see your tongue:) Great pictures, but when the subject is as sweet as you, could there ever be a bad picture?