Friday, February 27, 2009

Mardi Gras: Stuber Style

So not really knowing much about Mardi Gras (yes, I had to ask around how to spell it), being gifted Mardi Gras parade give-aways perplexed me a bit. I think Fat Tuesday was the day we should have done this, but sickness seemed to zap that plan. Oh well, the Thursday evening celebration was just as good.

While everyone else ran outside to enjoy nice weather after daycare, Nicholas stayed in and discovered the treasure, which he promptly claimed as his own.

And aren't you suppossed to have a maple-glazed spare rib dinner outside or something like that to celebrate?

And then just spread out all over the yard to eat? Perhaps smash some potatoes onto all of your playthings?

And then Nicholas' world came crashing down when he learned he had to share. So he started stuffing things in his pockets as fast as he could.

The ladies on the other hand were delighted.

And then we went to bed and Nicholas, who had filled his purse with his jewels, had a melt down because his mean mother wouldn't let him take choking hazzards to bed with him. And I tucked that purse away thinking it would be a good thing to drag out again in the future. Ah Nicholas. The first thing he asked for with a tear in his eye this morning was where his purse went.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Complicated

Mr. Strep.
He was feeling better yesterday already (although this picture was not from yesterday).

Ben came down at 5:30 yesterday morning coughing. Yikes.
We kept him home with Nicholas and Patric and took him to the doctor to get checked out.
Negative strep test. But he does have an ear infection and swollen tonsils and is sick in a general sick sort of way.

None of this stopped anyone from fighting or tearing around the house all day yesterday nor did they actually take a nap. Fevers down, a round of antibiotic in, and we're back in daycare today.

Alida. Well she's Alida.
One report: people under two do not get strep.
Pediatrician reply: "And was this a pediatrician that told you this because that is dated information."
Okay, so we still have to spray Lysol down the babys' throats. Check.
I started to feel my throat tightening at the mention of strep, and I went to get myself checked out. The strep test was negative. Ears, nose, lungs, throat, nodes look good. Your anti-histamine must be working, says nurse practitioner student checking me out. Drive on. Two minutes later nurse practitioner boss lady walks in, swabs my throat a second time (a second time?!), prescribes an antibiotic and sends me home claiming the strep test isn't a good test, and they need to send a full culture out. Oh, bother.

Elaine=teething until the end of time.
Patric? He doesn't get sick apparently.

So off to the pharmacy.
My antibiotic=$0 (part of some wellness program)
Nicholas' antibiotic=$10 (love insurance)
Benjamin's antibiotic=$87 (hate insurance)
This happens to us whenever we have two on the same med at once. It seems our prescription drug carrier has yet to figure out that twins are actually two separate people, so they have them listed as the same person on our insurance. The girls had to share their last prescription, which should have prompted me to fix this, but things do get away from me at times. A few phone calls later, digging out social security numbers from the depths of our files, and a trip back to the pharmacy we seem to have it sorted out.
Ben's antibiotic=$87-$77=$10
Sick days are so very not relaxing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Saturday Outing: Sweet, Sweet Emily

Saturday was rainy and cold, so our play date with Emily was inside, and I cannot say enough times what a good hostess this little girl is.

We descended during her nap (of course), but the lady stayed awake the entire visit this time, although she stayed close to mom and dad as the chaos unfolded in her world.

It was so clean and well organized when we arrived.

And then we took over Emily's room. And her toys. And her sippy cups. And more.

And she played there in the midst of us and shared all of her things with the hoard of kids like she was an old pro.

We love this little chair.

But we REALLY loved this little motorized four-wheeler. And they had a pretty good run until it was time to go to lunch, which happened to be about the time the Stubers started to forget how to share.

Alida was all about the rocking toys.

And then it was time to go.

And Elaine didn't take it very well.

Half an hour into the drive home, she still wasn't taking it very well.

And later we discovered that she was upset because she couldn't reach the stolen toy she had absconded with.

Obviously, we need a category for thievery (and plagiarism Dukes).

Friday, February 20, 2009

The New Obsession

Our hair. Our little bits of hair.

We were told when we picked up the girls the other day that they had had their hair in a "ponytail" all day and loved it. Ah Charity, you have started a trend.

Now they are obsessed with getting their hair done.

No matter how little they have to put up in that stylish fashion.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Randomness: The Marathon Version

Our television died this month. We had a new one in the house in under 24 hours.

I don't even know when this was. I will continue to believe that you drew that circle all by yourself until proven otherwise.

You had far too much fun learning how to take a shower. And so, we've determined you're not quite ready to do that, not after the injury where your hand was slammed in the door Ben.

I get antsy every time your father does this. You love it.

Mr. Potato Head has provided so much fun in our house.

What better than some upside-down reading material while waiting for your daddy at the eye doctor. When we were forced to take everyone to the Saturday early morning appointment, you were great for the most part.

We finally drug out this car. You all refused to use the pedals, opting rather for the Flinstones style of driving.

I hate it when my camera setting is off and I get blurry pictures. You loved pizza. This was our second visit here. The first was with grandma and grandpa pre-girls; we had to leave before our food arrived. We're getting better.

This is your ghost costume according to you.

Thanks office. They loved the balloons. But did you know that boys sucking down helium does not change their voices?

On MLK Day we put you in this train. Three of you LOVED it. Alida, you looked terrified but there was no turning back.

I love this dress.
I love you.
I do not love this picture of you in this dress.

I saw your eyeglasses in the trash the other day and wondered briefly how you had broken them. Oops. You just don't need them anymore.

Alida! Get off the table! Now!

Ashley furniture: we will return. We may not buy anything. But we will return to pretend we might.

When you refuse to eat your own food and then get down from your chairs and start feeding each other off of the abandoned plates, you crack me up.

I imagine that if I had actually aimed the camera correctly, this would have been a great picture.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The boys' three-year photos.

Yep. This was the best one.

And we thought he was the one that would look goofy since he was generally refusing to smile.