Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year From the Stubers

They were few and far between,

And we never had complete happiness,

but there we are

one big, ginormous family.

Happy New Year to everyone.

The Year In Review: Your Parents

We were tornado warning referees.

We were wet.

We were nap time referees.

We were thankless treat makers.

We were angry-at-the-snow child carriers.

We were the cleaning crew.

We were often disgusted.

We made you yummy meals.

We were the swim coach.

We were the bottle feeders.

We were the car sickness cleaner uppers.

We were the drivers.

We were the stewardesses.

We considered buying this. Then we remembered our diaper bill.

We were gone.

We were the camera men.

We were confused.

Here we are on vacation!

And again on vacation!

What hair we had left, we never bothered with on a Saturday.

You people often ate all of our food.

And you beat us up with swords.

When we were gone, we always came back.

And with the help of big cups of coffee, we managed a few smiles.

But there were still the practical matters of being human belt buckles that needed to be attended to.

And we got our naps where we could--even waiting for the doctor at your check-ups.

And we learned to maintain our cool.

And we drove.

And maintained our cool.

And never did our hair on a day off.

We have begun to feel rested again.

We even wore our glasses at night again after getting enough energy to actually be out past dark.

And we loved it. We loved it whether we knew we loved it or not.

The Year In Review: The Boys' 2008

We began the year with new beds, and sometimes you slept.

Mostly, though, you refused to sleep, fought for an hour, and emerged from nap time looking like thugs.

But there were glimmers of togetherness.

Like when you were getting things

or sharing food.

But often you fought--even in the rain over a pink ball.

But you are amazingly together when breaking the rules...

Now that was funny.

And we imagine for all the fighting, you'll emerge great friends.

At least that is our hope for you.

And sometimes we think it might happen.

And other times we think it already has.

And then one of you turns into a goofball.

Or just downright pushes the other one out of the way.

But in the end,

You're brothers. And we imagine whether it is fighting or scheming or cooperating or not,

All we can do is help you remember that you are very special brothers and each is the only one the other has.