Friday, December 19, 2008


When we were getting ready for the Christmas show the other night, and we walked in the living room to find the tree laying on it's side, that was aggravating.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't as safe as the laws intended.

We have an amazing amount of this particular picture in the past month's file. At least I got to drive most of the time because the shotgun chair is really the stewardess chair, and that job sucks.

This looks a bit more safe and bit more comfortable.
Thank you Uncle Brian

I don't guess we'll ever know what you expected we would fill that strainer with.
Your current obsessions: Honey Comb, toothbrushes, the daily report from daycare, and your blanket.

This is what I mean boys when I tell you not to teach them things. They do whatever you are doing. Elaine can now make shooting sounds and point and aim the toy rolling pin from the kitchen set.

I think Aunt Lori tries to fool us when she dresses the girls.
I'm on to you; I know this is Alida.

Good grief girl! Why so serious?

You too? Hopefully Christmas morning will be a bit more successful. Although you did strike this pose through every last one of the photos from the last shoot.


Anna said...

You have very serious girls. Sometimes you can catch them smiling, but a lot of times they're thinking about something very serious and make that "leave me alone" face. They're still so cute. And I find it quite funny that they're learned to make guns out of rolling pins and make the shooting sounds. You may have a tomboy or 2 on your hands. I can't wait to see the pictures from Christmas. They're going to have so much fun!

granny e said...

I love the "More, please!", Tiny Tim pose with the strainer, and in a cardboard box, yet!

I'm sure Christmas morning will be a blast this year. We will expect lots of pictures and a few videos as well!!

The driving picture is always a good one, but you need to post the "knee bent" one, too. We LOVED that one:))

Thank you so for the Christmas card! I put it along side last years and it's just unreal how they've all grown!

Oh, and HOW did the tree get on the floor? From the picture it would appear they were trying to right the wrong before you came in:)) I'm sure it was a faulty stand!

The Mighty Stuber Brood said...

Alida. Alida managed the dump the entire tree on the floor. And not have the good sense to run off from it.