Monday, December 1, 2008

Elaine's Thanksgiving 2008

Rest Area 1: You thought your job was to move all of the leaves into the street.

You fit in well in the Stowe morning routine girl. We were all a little tired. Okay, maybe not Matti.

The seriousness with which you thought you should get coffee was nearly convincing.

You would stay on the swing and let grandpa push you all day.

But we had our moments too.

And then you grew up by a year or something crazy.

And you impressed grandpa with your speaking ability or at least your ability to chatter along conversationally.

And although the Dukes mom thinks we glued one of these to your hip, you showed her you'll express yourself on any tablet in any place given the chance.

Finally, piano lessons with Matti. Ann almost had me convinced that we need to get a piano. Man we're tired.

And by the end, you were tired too, and I resorted to letting you tear tissues apart to entertain yourself. When I ran out of those, I gave you paper towels. And then we just burned into town screaming for the last half an hour.


Gracie's Spot said...

Elaine, you're beautiful and very sweet. I know swinging with Grandpa shot up to the top of his favorite things to do list very quickly.

The Dukes said...

So maybe there wasn't a Superglue incident after all- she really was eager to show me her mad drawing skillz.

The Dukes said...

P.S. She should have asked us for coffee. We wouldn't have hesitated.

granny e said...

Elaine, the swing picture says it all, "Life is good!" And sitting in the chair, you do look all grown up.

And as for the coffee, well, as the Dukes said, you should have asked them:)