Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And Now Presenting

Our first organized theatrics.


granny e said...

Oh, my goodness!

What handsome bell ringing reindeer:) That is way too cute, mom! I know you were proud of them!

Anna said...

How cute is that?! They are too big! I know you were so proud of your big boys. I love little Christmas programs, when they get all antsy and aren't really sure what they're supposed to be doing. Can't wait for those days with my little Georgia!

Gracie's Spot said...

They have reached the ultimate level of cuteness now, and I've watched this about 100 times... BUT, this is bringing the preschooler theme to reality.

Goodness, they are growing up!

Lori said...

This could possibly be the cutest video I have ever seen ! Quite the little performers!