Monday, April 30, 2007

A Good Day

On Saturday we stayed in our pajamas all day, played in the yard,
fed the tree some peach iced tea, and ate Pizza Rolls.
And no one made us work!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Not Kansas, Arkansas! Home of Gracie!

Everything got off to a great start. Gracie is always so gracious when sharing her home. And we love her and Jenn and Mark and their family and all of the attention! So much attention!
And we love to walk the grounds in the morning and enjoy the sun.
And they always feed us so well!And then, they put us to WORK!That's right. They put us to work.
But they did let us play during break.
And took us out to flirt with some waitresses.
AND, who doesn't love a trip to Target.
And in the end we passed out and woke up to mom and dad taking us home. When we got there we noticed they rearranged the whole house! And there aren't nearly the amount of fun cords and telephones and nooks and crannies to get into anymore. They even cleared out an entire room! We think this has something to do with those sisters everyone keeps talking about.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Daycare Photo Shoot

I can't believe that we have missed sharing these with you for so long! So precious... But don't even think of trying to illegally print those out to hang on your wall.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

At least the pediatrician's co-pay is less than the specialist's co-pay...

And here we thought we would have a pediatric-doctor-free-week. We had to pull Nicholas from daycare the day-before-yesterday because the director decided to diagnose him with hand-foot-and-mouth disease. I got that phone call as I was sitting in my doctor's office waiting to talk about how my cervix is too short, and I might have to go on bed rest in two weeks. Patric and I had driven in together that morning but forgot about that, so he got all set to go get the boy and started to walk out to his car and remembered that he didn't have a car. By that time we all just went home, I took Nicholas to the pediatrician and Patric stayed with Benjamin--who had no sign of this "highly contagious" disease. The doctor scoffed at the daycare diagnosis and sent us on our way with an antibiotic, which meant that we had to stay out of daycare until he had been on that 24 hours anyway--even though the doctor said he was clear. As I was paying the co-pay I got hit with a wave of nausea/dizzyness that felt so strong I had to sit down on the floor of the pediatrician's office--very graceful. When I called the ob nurseline, she told me to drink some ginger ale--very helpful. So I stayed home yesterday with Nicholas and watched him very healthfully run around and destroy the house as I sat there because the doctor has told me that I need to stay on my butt. Oh, and he's teething, so he came up to me to give me what I thought was a hug as I lay there bloated, and instead he leaned down, opened his mouth, and bit into my full-of-babies-stomach like it was an apple.Babies 3 and 4? Looking good. We are just past week 23, and they are both measuring at the 50th percentile. Baby A weighed 1 pound 5 ounces and heart was 140, and Baby B weighed 1 pound 8 ounces and heart was 143.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Appointment Canceled

Last Thursday Nicholas had his second Modified Barium Swallow test. Essentially he sits in a chair with all sorts of X-Ray equipment pointed at him and a speech pathologist watches him eat barium of all sorts of consistencies. Bottom line: he's grown out of the difficulties he had last July when we had this done the first time. The real bottom line: Thursday afternoon mom started calling specialists and cancelling follow-up appointments and specialist appointments and this appointment and that appointment. We're going to let the boy grow-up a bit for now and maybe spend the money we save on ice cream.
Nicholas is going to have to toughen up a bit anyway. His uncle is running his last "timed" marathon--the Boston Marathon--this morning in the wind and rain and cold weather, brrr. We think he expects that Nicholas will pick up the torch as he goes into retirement....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Easter A Few Days Later

That right there kicked-off the Easter weekend at the daycare party. Once we got through that we drove a whole bunch, got a cold, slept in pack-n-plays, refused to sleep in pack-n-plays, took a horrible, frightening bath in a whirlpool tub, and mom and dad didn't even take the camera out of the bag until we got home again. They did take the video camera out once and discovered that both batteries were dead. Oh, and it was COLD!We did get to see grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles. We ate candy and ham, went to church, played with new toys, met the Farthing brothers, and took a nap in mom's lap.
Behold. The empty suitcases, home at last. Mom and dad said we're not taking another vacation until a majority of the Stubers are potty trained.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sing For Your Supper

Grandma came last weekend with Aunt Kate and brought us a bunch of summer clothes—even swimming suits! (But we much preferred the toys, thank you.) We were so excited because the weather has been so nice, we were sure that summer was nearly here. Then it hailed last night. And today it is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. And there is going to be something called a freeze advisory this weekend. We even had to wear our jackets again this morning. Aunt Kate did say that Benjamin was matching pitch quite perfectly as he sang this past weekend. But, he can’t say “caa-caa” (cracker), and that will get you food. Mom said singing for your supper works as well and she was all smiles this morning in the brisk air.