Thursday, April 19, 2007

At least the pediatrician's co-pay is less than the specialist's co-pay...

And here we thought we would have a pediatric-doctor-free-week. We had to pull Nicholas from daycare the day-before-yesterday because the director decided to diagnose him with hand-foot-and-mouth disease. I got that phone call as I was sitting in my doctor's office waiting to talk about how my cervix is too short, and I might have to go on bed rest in two weeks. Patric and I had driven in together that morning but forgot about that, so he got all set to go get the boy and started to walk out to his car and remembered that he didn't have a car. By that time we all just went home, I took Nicholas to the pediatrician and Patric stayed with Benjamin--who had no sign of this "highly contagious" disease. The doctor scoffed at the daycare diagnosis and sent us on our way with an antibiotic, which meant that we had to stay out of daycare until he had been on that 24 hours anyway--even though the doctor said he was clear. As I was paying the co-pay I got hit with a wave of nausea/dizzyness that felt so strong I had to sit down on the floor of the pediatrician's office--very graceful. When I called the ob nurseline, she told me to drink some ginger ale--very helpful. So I stayed home yesterday with Nicholas and watched him very healthfully run around and destroy the house as I sat there because the doctor has told me that I need to stay on my butt. Oh, and he's teething, so he came up to me to give me what I thought was a hug as I lay there bloated, and instead he leaned down, opened his mouth, and bit into my full-of-babies-stomach like it was an apple.Babies 3 and 4? Looking good. We are just past week 23, and they are both measuring at the 50th percentile. Baby A weighed 1 pound 5 ounces and heart was 140, and Baby B weighed 1 pound 8 ounces and heart was 143.

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