Friday, April 27, 2007

Not Kansas, Arkansas! Home of Gracie!

Everything got off to a great start. Gracie is always so gracious when sharing her home. And we love her and Jenn and Mark and their family and all of the attention! So much attention!
And we love to walk the grounds in the morning and enjoy the sun.
And they always feed us so well!And then, they put us to WORK!That's right. They put us to work.
But they did let us play during break.
And took us out to flirt with some waitresses.
AND, who doesn't love a trip to Target.
And in the end we passed out and woke up to mom and dad taking us home. When we got there we noticed they rearranged the whole house! And there aren't nearly the amount of fun cords and telephones and nooks and crannies to get into anymore. They even cleared out an entire room! We think this has something to do with those sisters everyone keeps talking about.

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