Monday, January 29, 2007

Pitching In

Okay, we're getting the hang of this. Mom and Dad said they used to be able to do a two-day weekend with one bag and a wallet. So, I guess we can help now that they have to haul around all of this stuff--like two beds, clothes for six days for two boys since we make so many messes, diapers, medicines, jackets, blankets, strollers cause we don't like to walk all the time, and many, many sippy cups.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pitching In?

That stick is really changing things for us. Now they are telling us that we need to start pitching in, work together, you can do it. What? We're not very pleased with this recent turn of events.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wait A Minute!

There was a flurry of talk and "admitting defeat" and agreement to buy a minivan last night. They said it was the only option. With two more on the way, they said, they would never get in the Altima again. Two more? We think this might have something to do with that stick.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Monday, January 8, 2007

Not Bubble Wrap? But a Bag of Rice?

Teaching Tools: Top Toys to Inspire a Love of LearningKids learn through play, so it's important to give them access to the kinds of toys that will spark their imaginations and encourage curiosity. But don't think you have to rush out and buy a fancy toy bristling with computer chips, bells, and whistles. Here's a list of low-tech options to fit budgets big and small.What's the top tool for learning at any age? Books! Start your baby by reading to her from books filled with bright colors and rhythmic language, then make sure your growing child always has age-appropriate books within easy reach. Try to read together each day, and as your child gets older, allow him to choose books that reflect her interests. Here's our list of other great tools for learning through play:
ToddlersNesting Cups or Boxes: Buy or make your own set using plastic containers or cardboard boxes decorated with markers and stickers.Hammering sets: These inexpensive toys let kids hammer pegs or balls through holes and teach them about spatial relations and cause and effect, while letting them expend some of that boundless toddler energy.Sandbox: Once your child is out of the "everything in the mouth" phase, he's ready for the sandbox, which provides endless opportunities for experimentation and creative play. Buy one, or make one out of railroad ties or boards. Secure the ends together to make a box. Fill the inside with sand. Old spoons, and plastic containers make great shovels and buckets. Cover it tightly when not in use. (No backyard? You can make an indoor "sandbox" using a big plastic tub and a huge bag of rice from the discount supermarket.)
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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Hello 2007

And good-bye 2006. She was full of doctor's appointments, visits with family, learning the ropes at daycare, and firsts for most everything including: holding our heads up, sleeping through the night, smiling, crawling, walking, and eating real food. We hear that 2007 will be a pretty big one too. Hold on to your hats.

We learned that chocolate pudding is good and so is rice pudding. Although raisins aren't too forgiving in baby's immature system... Dad is a bit upset with our love of puddings, but mom is thrilled to have someone to share with. We learned how to open gifts. Once for our birthday and again two weeks later for Christmas. Mom says she now lives in a plastic prison. Everyone said it would be so, and it was. Wrapping paper is awesome. So is bubble wrap, but we'll tell you about that another time.

2006 was also the year for both of us to get our first teeth, but they're small enough still that mom gets to see our toothless grins from time-to-time.
And, she did it. Mother went and bought us hats for Christmas. Doesn't she know that is about the most cruel gift imaginable for a boy? We tried to smile about it anyway. If you use your imagination, hats can be turned into all sorts of play things. Or maybe this is the hat I'm supposed to hold on to in the coming year?