Monday, December 1, 2008

Nicholas' Thanksgiving 2008

At rest area number one, you organized everyone for a group tree hug and kiss before we left. Literally, you had to kiss the tree goodbye. It was too cute.

But we would expect nothing but cute from you even in the morning after keeping poor Jules up far too late on a school night after she kindly shared her bunk beds with you.

And you loved cake for the first time.

The new teeter-totter was a big hit even if the tire swing wasn't.

You got close and personal with a squirrel.

And you slept when you were worn out.

New airplane pajamas and a new comic book were all you really needed to keep you happy.

And you snuggled with grandpa for a good while, which warmed everyone's hearts.

When it came to group picture time at the Dukes, you were ready even if the other five weren't all on board.

Give you a movie, some homemade mac-n-cheese, and half a Dramamine and you are a great traveler.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you are! It was great getting to see these gorgeous children in person - it was like meeting movie stars. I have enjoyed watching them grow by viewing the blog almost daily, but that was nothing compared to meeting them in person. I am going to nominate you & Sarah for the "Moms of Multiples" award. If you ever stop in St. Louis, we are officially volunteering to be surrogate grandparents.

Grandma Duke

Gracie's Spot said...

Nickel, you're a ham, charmer, and future heartbreaker. We're so glad you were able to share all those qualities with everyone during your Thanksgiving roadtrip.

The Dukes said...

Had I known the boy had finally developed an affinity for cake (and that the fearless leaders of the brood both were having birthdays!!), he would have found a huge one at our house with his name all over it.

granny e said...

Nicholas, what wonderful pictures! I like the snuggle with Grandpa, that sly little grin. Jennifer is right, you are going to be a heartbreaker (just like the other three:))