Monday, December 1, 2008

Ben's Thanksgiving 2008

You lost your mind at the first rest area on our trip when you got a chance to run and play in the leaves.

Then you passed out for a long nap.

When we stopped for lunch with grandpa and grandma you were a little serious once you sensed we were getting ready to get back on the road.

That night you surprised me and helped me eat birthday cake, and you liked it.

This was supposed to be a great shot of all 4 Stubers on the swings. You would not participate.

You wanted to play on the slides.

When we released a squirrel onto the university campus, which sounds like a strange family tradition, you loved it.

You instigated Operation Kick The Storage Door As LOUD As Possible.

At the Dukes house you almost didn't come in because you were convinced you needed mittens for the walk from the car to the door. Once your shoes were off, I barely saw you again.

Transitions are hard. This morning you were not ready to once again hit the road. And then you refused to take a nap in the car today. This evening you and I were ready for you to go to bed at seven.


Gracie's Spot said...

Sweet Ben, we're so happy you had a great Thanksgiving, and you could charm anyone into anything with those blue eyes. You look very grown up in some of these pictures.

The Dukes said...

Where did Ben go at our house? I didn't see him again until group picture either. Sweet, sweet boy who has learned the value of entertaining himself.

granny e said...

Gentle Ben, those big, big blue eyes will just melt anyone's heart!

You definitely had a great time and from the photos, it's obvious you are the "free thinker" in the bunch. You're a "gotta do my own thing," kind of guy:)