Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That's Funny

Even more funny?
When you finally find the baby in that picture.


Gracie's Spot said...

I know, Elaine. The off the shoulder look for your brothers is just too much to handle, huh?

Too funny!

Anna said...

Did she do that to herself, or is one of the boys trying to wrap her up like a Christmas present? I totally wouldn't have even noticed her little feet sticking out if you hadn't brought it to our attention. The things your kids come up with! You need a camera attached to your hand to keep up with them!

MommyJenny said...

I used to wear my night shirts like that and pretend I was Vanna White. They don't pretend they're Vanna, do they? That might be disturbing!
You should do a whole post one day of "find the baby" pictures- like Where's Waldo!

The Mighty Stuber Brood said...

I love that you were Vanna Jenny. I don't love that Benjamin is Vanna. I have no idea if they did that to Elaine or if she was horrified. Some times I just find pictures on my camera put there by Kings or daddys, I'm never sure.

The Dukes said...

Vanna Jenny = Venny

Anna, I can't believe you don't call her Venny to this day!

In J&S one day this little boy made reference to his twin younger siblings..."something, something...the babies." I looked around and said "babies?" The mom went "Oh my God, we still call them that!" The babies were 4. Time flies!

Lori said...

Does the Stuber family ALWAYS have this much fun??? You guys are a riot!!!

granny e said...

Whatever was going appears to have been very funny to Nicholas and Ben.

"Baby in a bag!" I agree with MommyJenny, a day of "Where's Baby?" would be a delight:)