Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Chiefs won in a very close game on Sunday. Dad was telling me that one of the first things we did on our first day home was try to watch football. They had come in the hospital room in the morning and told mom that she could go home that day if she wanted, and for some reason she wanted. So they got us dressed, got her dressed, packed up and waited. The game started at 3:00 that afternoon, but they didn’t get checked out until after it had started. We were so tiny and floppy that we couldn’t keep our own heads up in those gigantic car seats. It was good that dad drove home so fast because by the time we got home Benjamin’s head had flopped over and he couldn’t get it back up. Then they got us inside and felt so stupid because they had these babies and didn’t know what to do with us. And, football was on television. We made sure they didn’t really see that game though since we had so much to comment on being home for the first time and all, and you do know the only way a baby can communicate don’t you?

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