Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The Fallen Hero

The Diaper Champ. What can I say? Was it really a match for two baby boys at one time? Is there any diaper containment, other than burial, that could withstand the beating? The seemingly permanent dinginess in the air cannot really be blamed on the diaper champ. Posterious Crappus (common name Nicholas) has made it his goal to beat the Diaper Champ. And I believe he has won the war. There have been many discussions regarding the Diaper Champ. A beleaguered champ, but a champ none-the-less. Mom and dad have thought maybe it just needs more bleaching. Maybe they should keep bleach in our room? No. Maybe move the diaper champ to the garage. It’s still getting into the 90’s here. No. Maybe fling the diapers out our window into the yard, hope they make it to the curb for the garbage men? Unlikely. Start “elimination communication” ( No, and again I say no. No, we will have to muddle through and spray the Lysol and bleach when we have time and fight the pop-up disinfecting wipe dispenser through many, many more diapers. How many? We've lost count, but a new supply of 500 arrived just the other day.

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