Monday, October 2, 2006

Soy Boy

On Saturday mornings mom and dad play this game now. When we wake up, one of them brings us our bottles and lets us have them in bed. Then they go back to bed. Well, whichever one of them couldn’t drag themselves out of bed to bring us first breakfast, comes up the second time. The second time is to clean out the bottles and our pants. (We do have good, regular German heritage you know.) To get back to things, mom lost on Saturday because dad managed to get out of bed first to bring us the bottles. She was mumbling something about being too slow and reaching in to grab my empty when her eyes actually opened up. Now, I thought it tasted funny, but it all tastes like crap so I didn’t turn it down. She picked up the yellow bottle from my crib and turned to Benjamin’s. She grabbed the purple bottle from his crib and grumbled. She wasn’t really mumbling so much this time as grumbling. I just figured it was a Saturday morning thing. Later, while she was giving me my apple puffs, I heard her saying (grumbling) something to dad about my soy allergies and the reason for the different colored bottles. They said they’d watch me and see. Last time I got blotchy red all over my head. This time—nothing. We’re hopeful. Did you know that one of the ingredients Gerber puts in fruit puffs is soy?

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