Thursday, August 11, 2016

Second Birthday Celebration: The Actual Day

"Mom!  Now I know you are not the type of mommy to crush little girls dreams!"
Actual quote after gluing those things to their little fingers.

Here, I got you each a cat.
They are robotic.
You loved them for as long as you would have loved real cats. 

Alida.  Having a near-Thanksgiving if not on-Thanksgiving birthday myself, I became used to just requesting a pumpkin pie out of consideration for the cooks that day.
That you asked for this on your ninth birthday instead of a cake--tickles me.
You ate the whole thing in three days.

A little more summer-styled and not-from-scratch--Elaine you wanted strawberry shortcake.  Only you wanted the Sara Lee Poundcake that I just pull from the freezer at the store.  Well done!
Mugs of Cool Aid for Birthday toasting and our celebration was complete.

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