Monday, August 8, 2016

Aggravating Things: School Supplies

We received the girls school assignments and supply lists 6 days before school began, so I hoped over to Amazon after digging the boys' school list off the school website. After the order, I realized that Alida's teacher had used a curly-que font, triple-spaced everything, and ran over onto the second page, which I didn't see nor order.

Four days to school start:
Meet the teachers.
Receive an entirely new set of school supply lists for the boys.
Remake the master list.

Take stock of what we received from Amazon and what will never make it before school.
Figure out where the old lists and the new lists overlapped.
Make a new list.

Then follow all the different teachers preferences for labeling and sending the school supplies.

But not before going through the backpacks and finding some rather random things shoved in there from the summer.
Seriously: Tell me how much money to send, and I might even send extra money to pay for a needy kid.
Keep doing this list crap, and I will withhold every single extra piece of school supply that arrived to my house in a stingy little cabinet, send the minimum, and burn the teacher optional request list--Post-it notes, ha! Highlighters? Please.  I'm keeping them all!  And I hate those things.
Elaine's teacher: she gets extra.  She sent the list early; it was organized; and, I could actually figure out what she was asking for and how much of each.
Now, I must go fill out 40 pieces of school information sheets.
No, I'm not kidding.

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