Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First School "Dance"

And so the girls and I went to pick the boys up from the middle school after their first school dance last Friday. 
I don't think there was much dancing, nor decoration, nor much of anything really.
And poor Nicholas' first ever school dance "date" ended before it ever began, when the girl's parents apparently heard about the date and grounded her from attending the dance.
Ha, guess that will happen more than once along the way.  But really, they're fifth graders, there will be plenty of time for this.

And at pick up, we waited for an extra super long time, as while I was waiting in line, their friend's dad asked me if I couldn't take his too.  And then, the sister lost her iPhone (well, 99% sure that lost is really stolen, since she had left it out on the bleachers there), and we looked for a long time and shed some tears.
Two observations:
Middle School gyms stink and are hot.
There are a few reasons my children do not have cell phones yet, and this is one of them.  There will be plenty of time for this as well.

And then we packed up and headed to Burger King, the gang and I for burgers and shakes all around.

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