Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Tubes and Adenoidectomy (or One Boy's Search for His Arm)

I was confused initially because I couldn’t find my arm.

It wasn’t under the table in the play area where we spent our time waiting for the surgery.

The nurse had nice bubbles to look at, but not my arm.

Then Nicholas started blowing bubbles out his ear, so they put us under and gave us the surgery one at a time.

I wasn’t even sure when we got home if I had my arm yet.

But then, an hour later I woke up, drank two bottles and ate scrambled eggs and bananas, and all was well with the world and my arm.
Nicholas slept up for about 7 hours so that he could go on night shift last night.Mom said that we now both have tubes in our ears and no longer have our adenoids. We are “resting” at home today with grandma and grandpa, but this morning we weren’t feeling so bad, so I’m not sure why we have to “rest.”

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