Monday, December 4, 2006

Cold Weather, Animal Crackers, and Skipping Naps

See this? Uncle Brian was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He was out in this for just a smidge over 3 hours; we were out in it for about 30 minutes. He ate some goo that he had taped to his body and water that people threw at him; we had animal crackers and looked at the Christmas tree and indoor fountain while we waited. At the end he did get to wear a big shiny blanket, but we thought it was so neat that he took it off so we could play with it. The best part was that we skipped our morning nap. And then, when mom put us down for our afternoon nap, Benjamin discovered that if you just make enough noise, Lori will come and play with you. When they left on Sunday, we both fell asleep during lunch we were so worn out.

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