Thursday, December 14, 2006

Got Vitamin D Cow's Milk?

Similac Alimentum, hypoallergenic formula: $25/2+-day supply+ Similac Isomil Advance formula: $25/3-day supply= Weekly Formula Bill with tax: $150Turning 1 and magically being able to digest Vitamin D cow’s milk:$148 savings/week (or less time on e-bay, buying-out sale stock, clipping coupons, and filling out paperwork at the pediatrician's and on-line for free samples if you're cheap like our parents.)Washing 10 bottles a day (up to 16 at one point) for 365 days+ Mixing formula for 10 bottles a day (up to 16 at one point) for 365 days= Dry, Chapped Hands, 182.5 hours vanished from life standing at the sinkTurning 1 and magically being less hungry and eating what daycare will provide:3.5 hours/weekSetting the 60-minute clock once a bottle is removed from the refrigerator+ Rotating formula supplies so that mixed formula is consumed within 24-hours= Chasing after a false shelf-life to avoid lawsuits for the manufacturersTurning 1 and magically being able to throw milk in a sippy cup and not worry unless it curdles (or go ahead and change it every hour--who cares its $2/gallon for that stuff!):2.5 bouts of diarrhea/weekNet Gain for Magically Turning 1:More time and money to spend on baby-proofing the house and yard now that we’re fully mobile. And maybe they'll get us some car seats that we can fit into now; Nicholas has about eaten all of the stuffing out of his anyway.

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