Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You Have Your Mother's Look About You

This has got to stop. There are plenty of opportunities. Three uncles I can think of right off the bat. First there was the pink bib thing, but now this whole “one looks like his father, and one looks like his mother,” thing has got to stop. Uncle Matt, Uncle Curt and Uncle Brian are all good alternatives. Can we please stop referring to me as resembling my mother? I can feel the complex developing and I don’t even know what a complex is. Never mind that Benjamin has red hair and dad doesn’t have any hair. And, he’s fat. Dad isn’t even close to fat. Okay so there are those big, blue eyes. What are there like 4 different options for eye color—what were the odds they’d both have blue eyes anyway? Well, there is that point on the top of their heads ... But, really, I DON'T look like mom!

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