Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stuber Family Days

Somehow we’re thinking that “family day” for the Stubers might be a little different than family game night. Dad organized family day (with a lot of help from his men) for his troop in Crossville. There are so many things to look forward to, for now mom made us play on a blanket in the grass. Grandpa flew his plane over and made a smoke stream in the sky, and then he passed back over and dropped marshmallows everywhere. Someone was supposed to get the red one and get a free plane ride, but the guy that dropped the marshmallows was a little early. Mom still thinks it’s funny that there is a family somewhere in Tennessee wondering why marshmallows are falling from the sky into their yard. There was also a rock climbing wall, a bouncy room (Benjamin wanted that), a race car, tanks to crawl on, machine guns to fire (mom said no way this year), hamburgers and hot dogs and a radio station. We thought it was neat that when you get poop on dad’s uniform, it doesn’t show up—now that’s tactical.

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