Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Think I'm Ready

So last night mom starts mumbling about poor Seth. Poor Seth. Poor Seth. Little guy cries all the time until Ms. Mildred comes and picks him up and holds him. But, OHHHH, he has that beautiful smile. I thought we had this problem taken care of when I heard that he was moving to the toddler room while we were on vacation. I didn't realize that you were supposed to be toddling BEFORE you went to the toddler room. Turns out that Seth is younger than I am by 2 weeks, doesn't crawl and certainly doesn't pull up.Mom said Ms. Caroline, the director, called her this morning and Ms. Caroline gave mom and dad the "opportunity" to move us into the toddler room first since the daycare is determined to move two babies in there. It will now be an "infant/toddler" room. Boy, you want to hear mom start mumbling fast and furious. However, she was very clear and loud on the phone because Aunt Cynthia started mumbling that she didn't want to be that person. Apparently mom declined the "opportunity" for us to move.Then she mumbled something about hobbling Ben. I think I'll just keep looking on with my brown eyes and smiling--hopefully they'll just ignore me.

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