Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Come on

Okay. This isn't even a hat. It's a green bowl. It was kind of funny with the sombrero, but not really with the green bowl. Alright, it was a little funny, especially when I was able to get it off my head. And the other one might be putting on some weight, but have you seen what they are doing with his hair? I'd ask for a hat if I was that guy. They could try to get it to lay down, they don't. In fact, they try to make it stick up more. It amuses them. When mom picks us up from daycare, Ms. Mildred always has it slicked down using some of the lotion Nicholas has, but mom can't get out of the room without messing it back up and getting it to stick straight up. She tossles his head like she's just saying hello, but it's pretty obvious she's getting his hair back the way she wants it. Ms. Mildred and mommy just smile at each other warmly, and Ms. Mildred says what a sweet boy Nicholas is. You can see her almost reach out and pat his head, but she always waits until the next morning.

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