Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Drilling the Eyeball

How I found her at the school when I went to pick her up
She had something embedded in her eye.  Off to the optometrist.
He couldn't get it out.
He gave us three prescriptions and told us to come back in a week, if he couldn't flick it out then, then we'd have to drill it out.
No matter what happened for the next seven days, there were at least three different conversations each day about drilling Elaine's eyeball.
Offensive debris gone upon return.  Elaine's flood of relief at not being drilled into was obvious.
The doctor: Oh, I'll need to be more careful when I talk about these things.
Uh, yeah.
Far more tears were shed at the annual physical visit the next week, when we learned that Alida is sorely in need of eyeglasses. Back to the optometrist today for both of them.

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