Wednesday, November 23, 2016

State Capitals East of the Mississippi...

I gave Patric the quiz:
Me: "Delaware."
Him: "Delaware.  No one lives in Delaware.  There is no capital."
Me: "Michigan"
Him: "Michigan.  (re-stating the question clearly a delay tactic).  That's Traverse City.
Me: "Patric, we lived in Michigan.  We camped in Traverse City; that is not the  capital."
Me: "Maryland"
Him: "Maryland.  Maryland?  The biggest city there is The Village.  But I think the British burned it down."
Me: (After I stopped laughing) "Rhode Island"
Him: "Rhode Island.  Rhode Island.  Rhode Island."
Me: "It was on the side of the U-Haul we saw the other day.  We laughed at the art."
Him: "Rhode Island.  Rhode Island.... (blank stare)"
Me: "Vermont"
Him: "Same thing, no one lives there. There can't be a capital. What on earth did you say to these people when they said they didn't need to learn this?!"
Me: "Sometimes a quiz is not about the content; sometimes a quiz is about your ability to apply yourself."
Once again, F for the parents on grade school content.

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