Thursday, June 2, 2016

School Days End for Now

Last week we waved the last hang-out-of-the-bus-and-blow-kisses-good-bye to the last day of school. The last day of school (and really the last week) was 'optional'.  Well, it was maybe if you're not in our family.

And Elaine wins the Stuber most improved over the course of year award. She is amazing and brilliant, but that girl already has the social skills of a teenager, which gets in the way of paying attention from time to time.

And Alida was our only child to receive a perfect attendance award.
And, I can't even count the number of certificates for good reading she has brought home this year.

Smart kids, all of them.
Benjamin reluctantly gave me his letter announcing that he'll enter some harder classes next year because his grades were so good, and he points out that there is an option for me to choose that he not be placed in that program.  Nice try, buddy.
Here the fourth graders are leaving elementary school and heading to middle school next year.  Middle school?!

And Nicholas. 
He's good at everything it seems, but this is a parenting victory happening here.
He is applauding for the first place winner of the fastest one mile in school, which was not him.  He was third, by three seconds.  We often laugh about his running nemesis, who he can't seem to catch by just a few seconds each time.  We smile that even though we have a good time ribbing him about his nemesis, he has the poise to genuinely celebrate his competition's first place win anyway.
For us: no stitches, no trips to the principal, no office referrals this school year=success.

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