Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Amusement Park Recovery

And Patric left us to go to work from Charlotte, and we made our way home--stopping at Six Flags over Georgia.  Where we all rode this.

And Elaine clenched so hard, she bit her own lip open.
She did teach me to close my eyes during the loop-ti-loops, which is amazingly helpful.

And Ben just said, "I want to ride everything."
And he did.
After the one above, he told me he was glad I wasn't on it because I would have hated it.

And the Scorcher.  The first one I ever let the boys ride by themselves.  Nicholas scraped by on the height requirement.  And then, while they were out there, they shut the ride down for "Technical Difficulties."  I could help but wonder if Nicholas had slid out and was hanging from a tree somewhere.

But, they finally showed back up.

Zoom in on this--he is all smiles and his hair is straight up.
His neighbor, not quite as excited.

Straight up hair from dropping straight from up there.

And then the girls took me for a drive.
Just a few more grey hairs for me.

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