Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Vacation" Photos: Uganda

Sunrise on Lake Victoria, Entebbe, Uganda
The kids always ask why I get to take vacation all the time when I travel for work.
I'm not going to lie, I always make sure to do some vacation-like things, even if the schedules are a little grueling.

Chimpanzee Reserve.
A short 90 minute boat ride across Lake Victoria...

Said boat.

During which we crossed the equator.

Later, we decided to go into a remote National Forest one day. (somewhere way down there, you can see the local park station where we started.)  Not quite like doing the same in the US.  Here you have to hire a guide to take you.

And she will have a gun.
Probably more effective in an emergency with a wild animal than the letherman tool I had stashed in my pack. We needed neither.

But before getting there, when the car wouldn't make it the entire way because the roads are that bad, we had to walk up the mountain just to get to the hike we were going to take.  The walk up the mountain took us through a few local villages, where they let out school to come look at the strange people. One brave girl approached me and touched my skin.  When I smiled at her, she shrieked and ran back to her friends and they rolled on the grass laughing.

You would think this would make me tired, but not enough to sleep in ever.
This is sunrise in Mbale, Uganda.

Yummy food.
I chose the beans and rice at this restaurant.  I was the clear winner.

And the Nile.  We were halfway across when we asked the driver what we were crossing.
Oh, that's the Nile, he said casually.
That was about half an hour after he had casually shrugged off the moment when he rear-ended the driver in front of us during a traffic jam.  The traffic jam during which we bought Fanta soda from people selling to the car windows, considered buying bananas, and my traveling companion strictly forbade me from buying the meat on a stick.

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