Friday, February 6, 2015

Boys Vs. Girls

Patric wins on coolness factor in January for arranging a Boy Scout outing to the Montgomery Hyundai factory to see cars being made.

During which they got to ditch school early;
hang out with their friends;
and take a small group tour car making in action.

Thumbs up for the Boy Scouts!
We tried a second Girl Scout troop (the first troop story later, after I've calmed down a bit yet).  We went to the first cookie booth sale the day after I returned from Africa--it was written down wrong on the sheet and was not happening the day we arrived.  We tried again the following Saturday.  No one showed up, and we received an e-mail later in the day asking whether anyone was going to participate because the leader wasn't really feeling well.
Um, no. 
I will now be withdrawing the ladies from troop number 2.

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