Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Notes from the Bus Driver

Text from the bus driver, Day 1:
"I just thought I would let you know what great kids you guys have. They are all polite and well behaved. The girls are cute as they can be and they site together and talk amongst themselves. One of the boys likes to sit with his sisters and talk to me while I am driving and ask questions (still trying to figure out which is which with them two) the other one likes to nap but he is mostly quiet. Tell them what a good job they are doing on the bus for me and to keep it up."

Day 2:
"Hey, just letting you know that the girls had a good day today and one of them left their thermos thing (red one) on the bus and that I have it and can give it to you in the morning. The boys didn't have such a good day... Nick was loud today (sat right behind me) and I had to ask him a few times to be quiet...Ben was watching someone play a video game and didn't wanna sit down and one time I caught him on the floor, lol. It's no big deal just letting you know. Tell them to do better tomorrow :)"

Day 3:
"Hi, Nick just threw up on the bus before we got to school. Just wanted to let you know."

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