Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Texts from the Bus Driver

Hey Susan I am just letting you know that I am going to have to write an office referral for Nick today...I have had problems with the elementary as a whole not taking me serious so I warned them all equally that I was gonna crack down on the foolishness...particularly standing up, turning around and not staying in the seat. Well with Nick I have warned him plenty plenty plenty times to sit down, turn around and stay in his seat but today not only was he guilty of all that but he was throwing wadded up paper at another rider...I have been as nice to him as I can and he himself will tell you I have been more than lenient. The first referral is always a warning anyway but the next ones will get him days off the bus...I hate having to write kids up but I think a little trip to the office will show him (and his siblings) that I mean business. I also had to have a stern but nice talk with the girls about staying in their seats because they don't wanna sit down and like to roam the bus. I told them that if they cant sit down I would have to give them an office referral as well. The girls said they understand and Nick knows and understands why he is in trouble. Call me if you need to. Thanks

Wait. Did he say days off the bus?!

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