Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stranger's On a Train

And then we picked up the brood and headed East, so we could pick up a train and head North, so that we could switch trains and head West.  I don't know who this wonderful woman is, but she played cards and drew with our kids for two hours one afternoon.  We love lovely strangers.

We slept on that train, and the pillows the kids made at grandma's using the sewing machine came in very handy indeed.

And in the beginning, we love the adventure.

And playing in the viewing car. 

And eating dinner on the train together, even though they can never sit us all together.  So this evening Elaine and I sat with some strangers and made even more new friends. 

And we always watch movies on the train. 
And then, about the time that we get tired of the train, we get dumped off somewhere beautiful.

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The Kings said...

Love train traveling. Can't wait to see where the "somewhere beautiful" was.