Thursday, August 14, 2014


And then we landed in Minnesota, to visit my parents.  I was immediately put to work picking blueberries.  It reminded me of the strawberry patch of my youth. 

But the kids loved it (I secretly did too).

And there were lots of blueberries, although if you look at Nicholas' batch, they are all much more perfect than the group that the rest of us picked--not a reddish one in his bucket at all. 

The annual trek to the Mississippi headwaters. 

A birthday celebration!

And they never seem to wear out.

Although Elaine may have been more worn out than she let on.

She perked up fin good time though, although our girly-girl was completely uninterested in getting wet this year in the Mississippi. 

More next week from the camera that has not been completely unloaded yet.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture of your four together! Everyone is looking so grown up. I still love seeing pictures of your adventures.