Friday, May 19, 2006

Introductions Aren't In Order

Introductions Aren't in OrderFinally. Milk, soy and eggs are off the menu. Hydrocortisone cream, however, is in the schedule. Turns out that, as we all knew, I have eczema. What we didn't know was that it can be aggravated by food allergies. Pretty cool, they took a plastic plate of things and pushed them into my back and pop! pop! pop! milk, soy and eggs. My main question at this point is how this affects future chocolate chip cookie eating, because that mom lady keeps promising me them in the future if I'm good today. She keeps mumbling something about following through with promises and food allergies and not learning to bake without eggs as I sit in my oatmeal bath and eat peaches in front of the TV at night. I like that box. She needs to stop mumbling; it's hard to understand what she's saying.My brother is a little exasperating. Yesterday he actually got up on his knees. My parents smile, but I see that look that passes between them--they're scared and I know it. Frankly, looks like far too much work for me. But, he's getting fat, so he really does need the exercise. Grandpa keeps saying "offensive lineman," whatever that is. I do know that his smell can be offensive nearly every morning before we go to daycare now days.

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