Saturday, May 20, 2006


Getting fat? Mommy says I'm just big-boned. (burp) Not my fault that other one can't eat any real food. We both got sweet potatoes for breakfast this morning--yuck. I tried to spit them out and make a mess with them so she would stop feeding them to me, but she just keeps smiling like I'm a comedian or something. Don't know why we can't do rice cereal with a jar of peaches every meal--that's good eats. Of course, the other one can't eat the rice cereal anymore because it has soy in it. No wonder he is so scrawny. Anyway, the funniest thing is that I've learned how to make a zerbert sound with my mouth. Doing that with sweet potatoes in my mouth is about as funny as it gets.Zerbert sounds are good for just about any time of the day and are endlessly entertaining. I zerbert in bed, I zerbert in the car seat, I zerbert while I'm eating. And this thing about being scared about me on my knees--what's that about? Come on, all I can do is plant my face on the floor and move my body around from that point in circles. AND, they put me in that jail thing every night. I try to get free but I can't figure out how to get over the top. Usually I wind up getting stuck in the crack with my arm and leg hanging out of the thing, so I just go to sleep. Mommy keeps mumbling about social services and the rail mark on my face when she gets me ready to go in the morning. Daddy thinks it's funny; that guy has a sense of humor.

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