Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Boys!

2005--you were already inseparable.
A year later we had 4-month-olds and it was easy to keep you in the same place.

And then you were one, and we were all exhausted and conked out together.

And at two, discovering together.

At three, still clutching the same toys together.

At four, your daddy was out of the country and you stuck close to each other that year.

At five, we had so many adventures.

At six, swim team together.

At seven, you were losing the same teeth at the same time.

At eight, we couldn't get you off a shared iPad.  Maybe that was cheating to keep you together.

At nine, even though in competition, we found you always together.

At ten, man I could even get you to smile together.

And here you were on the eve of 11.
Eleven years, and I adore that it didn't take much time to find you both together in any of the files I searched today.  Ben you are quiet and reserved, and you want time alone.  And Nicholas, you have never lost your fire or your desire to be at the center of everything all at once.  Yet, somehow the different personalities compliment. We wish you a very happy birthday brothers.

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