Friday, October 28, 2016

Aggravating Things

He went fishing.
I took the day off and took the kids to Six Flags.
We got there at noon (posted opening time); they didn't open until 6:00 pm.
It took three tries to find a movie theater to fill the six hour void in our day.
The movie theater that did exist didn't have a moving starting until 5:00, so we played laser tag.
We had a blast at Six Flags; until we left for the two hour drive home around midnight and I realized I had lost my phone.
No problem, I'll get another tomorrow before I travel on Sunday. I know the way home after driving around Atlanta all day long.
At one in the morning, the car engine overheats and starts blowing steam an hour from home.
We get a hotel, and resolve to begin Saturday fresh--as in leave the car, get a one-way rental, pick up a new phone.
The next morning, we get a car on the third try, a very expensive replacement phone on the second try, and drive away from the mini-van.
Car is now returned, fixed.
Phone replacement problem still being worked out...
Going Fishing: One
Six Flags: -7

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