Friday, September 23, 2016

Math about Me

Hanging on the wall for us to see while we waited for parent/teacher conferences, known now as "Parent Report Day," which sounds not as nice to me...

Ben drew a pretty nice picture of us--Nicholas and I in black of course.  The girls actually picked out who they were supposed to be correctly.

He has a dog. 
He writes "1" backward, but that is a good looking dog.

He has had four teeth extracted and two more scheduled to come out.
He has a small mouth...

Nicholas--took the use of color to another level of course.
But then, we were waiting there for a long time to have our report.  So we started looking at the others....

We loved this guy.
He has all his teeth.

And then we were laughing about the either unhealthy obsession with teeth in Alabama or the lack of imagination since teeth must of have been an example the teachers used when explaining the assignment.
And as I snapped this one, the teacher walked out to get us for our report.  And then we got in awkward trouble for taking pictures of other kids' art...
4 Stuber Kids: Great Report
Mommy and Daddy: D

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