Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Aggravating Things: I'm not a plumber!

Two years into owning this gravel drive, it needed a little patching ahead of some new gravel. 
(And we've managed to drive out a new circular driveway that is just dirt at present....)
We declined the $2,400 estimate to patch and lay gravel, thank you. I have a trip to the beach to think about.

So you load the gorilla cart with red Alabama clay from one part of your property, and haul it to another. Then later you call some folks that will just drive over with some gravel and dump it about.  Easy enough.

You even sneak in a few breaks along the way.

Then, just after you've assigned the last tasks and headed in to warm up some lunch, a girl walks in and tells you: Nick ran over "something" and now there is "water everywhere".

Said something.

Find the water main and shut it down;
Hack off the break in the pipe and cap the thing because we knew it was there; we had never attempted to use it.
Plumber: other mothering duties as assigned.
Half the red clay that was careful packed and molded?
Wet disaster.
For another day.

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