Monday, March 28, 2016

Awe, So Sweet

Elaine, zip lining out from the tree house on a Saturday afternoon.  While Ben waits for his sister below.

Then it turns out that the green thing up there was a Nerf crossbow, part of her weapon stockpile, and Nicholas was there waiting to defend her with some other different weapon.  She had been chosen to go on the re-supply mission and had to zip line over the zombies (Ben) and then make it back to the fort before being captured. 
A little more complicated than capture the flag. 
The sweet part?
When she clearly wasn't going to accomplish her mission and make it back to Nick, the zombie (Ben) suddenly fell over.  And then I heard,
"Don't worry sister.  The zombie didn't see you, and then he fell over.  You still have time to make it back!"

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