Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas on the Coosa Parade

A little selfie with my mini-me while we waited for the Christmas parade to begin last weekend.  Waited with our shoes and socks off, jackets off, and wishing for a lemonade on a sunny, 80 degree day for the Christmas parade....

And then the best float of the parade (seriously) arrived toward the end--they had Snoopy and Snoopy music ringing out through the heat... Never mind all of my boys were in there.

Well there was this random guy in his hot rod, who kind of looked like he had just crashed the parade route somewhere along the way...
And later we hit our picture perfect city park,

to join the masses at a Christmas market with kid rides. 
Kid ride side--I've never had a chance to stop and notice how miserable parents can look standing in line sometimes...but I'll keep those photos to myself.

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