Monday, January 5, 2015

Good Grief

We celebrated the boys' birthdays over two different nights, neither of which were their birthdays.

But we managed the Minecraft cakes, as requested.

We were in a parade.

We had a visit from grandma and grandpa.  During which we quit our Girl Scout troop on the boys' real birthday, but that is a different story.

We rode the bull.

We made a mess, and showed extraordinary good will when boys unwrapped girls gifts...

We ate chocolate, in many forms.

We got some really good presents.

We took our only chance to see Ben and Alida sing in choir at 7 am one morning in the hallway at school.

Parents Night out was canceled, only we didn't know it.
But that is another story.

We made cookies.

We picked out a dog.

We rode.

We visited Strategic Air Command.

We found snow in Nebraska.

We spent New Year's with grandma and grandpa airplane.

We came home and replaced the attic ladder, so we could store all of the Christmas mess.
And they are still not back to school yet today.
The sun will come out tomorrow.

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