Thursday, July 17, 2014

Outings and Adventure

Elaine driving the boat during our Dolphin Tour; Alida took her turn a bit more seriously, like she watched which way she was going...

Those suckers are hard to get a photo of, particularly when you don't bring your camera because you lost it packing up your house for a move (oh, yes we did), but then you find it under the seat of the van on the day you are leaving.  Because you tucked it there at some point to make sure you didn't forget the camera, but then forgot that you tucked it there.  iPhone photos will do this year. 

The boys were in heaven on the go-cart ride that went up in the air on a very bumpy wooden track.  

The girls loved it too, although I don't know how they saw anything. 

Although a more tame track, I think they liked this one more. 

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