Friday, May 9, 2014


Alida is invited to a sleep-over by one of her friends in class.  Elaine is not invited.  
Take Alida. Elaine is upset. 
Stop myself right there from letting it become a big deal and going out of my way to try to smooth things over because I instantly envision the amount of smoothing I'll be doing for the rest of my life if I set this precedent now.  So, I make it no big deal, and we go on about our day sans Alida.

Sure enough, a week later, Alida is not invited to the pottery making birthday party that Elaine's friend from her class is having. The universe sets itself right. 

Except that when I send an e-mail RSVP to friend's mommy, friend's mommy responds that she knows that Elaine is a twin, and she should bring her along to the party too!  
Drat.  Command decision: ignore second invitation, explain to mommy as I drop off Elaine.

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