Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Did you see this over on Gracie's site? I have learned how to kiss. Mom says I'm a bit relentless about the whole thing and it can get a little wet when my nose is running (which is nearly always). But, I think I'm pretty good at this affection thing. And, I think those are dimples coming out as I pucker. Slob back there made a mess with his drink as usual. You should have smelled the car after he spent a week coming back from daycare with a milk cup. He figured out that he got attention if he would take a big swig of milk and spit it out all over himself and the seat and the floor. Doesn't make for too good an aroma in the South in June once it kind of bakes in. Mom said no more milk on the ride home from daycare, but it doesn't really matter because we don't go there any more! Frannie the Nanny started this week and we get to stay home during the day now! It's looking like a good deal right now; we'll let you know.

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