Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Didn't Do

One and a half twin pregnancies in two years. No actual morning sickness (unless you count the time at the fish place in Minnesota, but she thinks that had more to do with too much taffy mingled with the all you can eat walleye night). But then came yesterday. The culprit? That little pill there finally took her down. Now she is just staring at it, wondering when she will get the courage to try again.
After she went home to let it work itself out of her system, our daycare called and let her know that Nicholas had head planted on the edge of the sink and cut his head open. There was lots of talk of blood and stitches and pressure and please come soon. She sent dad, who found Nicholas in a pretty good mood, no blood, with a bandage and eating a snack. He decided there would be no trip to the emergency room. They did decide to call the pediatrician’s office to double check their judgment. The nurse advised them to bring Nicholas in just in case. The pediatrician smiled and said superficial.Mom wonders why there aren’t any slots in the baby book for occurrence reports.What a day.

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