Tuesday, July 25, 2006

There Was Some Talk

...that I would need to go to a physical therapist if by 7 months I didn't start carrying some of my own weight. Mom has been mumbling something about doing dishes would carry some weight, but dad keeps telling her that's not what the doctor meant. Anyway. I am pleased to report that not only am I standing on my own two legs now days, but I am also up on my knees working on the next step. I know, I know. I said it seemed like a waste of time when Ben was doing it. But, now they are all leaving me in the living room to go hang out in the kitchen. They act like they're not interested in me, but I can see them peeking around the counters to see if I'm going to come too. Let's just stop the shenanigans.I see the pulmonologist on August 24. Mom seems to think that having an appointment made 6 weeks out for a specialist means that we're just checking a block of some sort. She said we're never going back to that dermatologist, but in October we'll see if I can get a chocolate chip cookie and milk when we see the allergist. For now, I've escaped seeing the physical therapist.

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